Off-Road Bike and Quad Adventures
Lesotho is a country without fences and is ideal for mountain bikes, off-road bikes and quads. Be it an adventure trail for the whole family, or the challenge of 'doing' the Roof of Africa routes, there are countless trails to suit all skill levels.

4x4 Trails
Whether you are looking for a family adventures, or want the challenge of an extreme off-road experience, Ramabanta is a 4x4 paradise waiting to be discovered.

Horse Trails and Hiking
From 2 hours to 2 weeks, pony-trekking and hiking are a truly idyllic way to explore the natural beauty of the mountains and ricers of Lesotho.

Fly Fishing
Fish in remote mountain streams in hidden valleys for both wild trout and yellow fish.

Bird Life
Home to 300 bird species, including the rare Bearded Vulture, the Bald Ibis and the Cape Vulture.

Mountain Flora
Recognised as one of the world's 'hot spots' for plant diversity, there are almost 400 plant species found only in Lesotho and the Drakensberg.

Rock Art
Explore caves and overhangs for the unique art of the vanished San, some sites dating back 40,000 years.

Cultural Experience
Spend a night or two in a picturesque rondavel, and experience first hand the traditional lifestyle of the Basotho.

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